I had one of these years ago when you still needed a password from another user just to start an account.

About me personally: I live in Colorado. Im 18. I don't mind in the least of hearing about your beliefs, but they are just that, YOUR beliefs, don't forget that. I'm an Atheist liberal that smokes like a freight train, and I don't give a damn if that bothers you. I won't judge you, and you'd be best off returning the favor. Im actually very open-minded, but it might take a while to realize that.  I love muscle cars and hot rods, even if I don't know as much as I would like to about them. I do have somewhat of an ego, but it is well-warranted. I prefer to be around intelligent people, or at least people that can be honest, not posers who are just looking to be validated and popular. I'm a music junkie: classic rock, jazz, blues, metal, rock, instrumental, you name it. Except rap.... not big on that. Nothing against it, but still.

You can spend a lifetime trying to figure me out, and never learn a thing about why I am, the way I am. I like it that way.

Add me if you think you can teach me something about life, love, fun, music, trivia, history, cosmology (in which case I command you to add me). Whatever, just add me and leave a comment.

Friends only.